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Job Requisitions and Service Providers at a click!


Handyconnect is set out to become the go-to system and the global household name for getting jobs done. We are building a community of diligent, qualified and verified service providers while ensuring quality delivery, safety and prompt payments.

Handyconnect using frontline technology, brings solution to areas where traditionally, service providers for miscellaneous tasks and chores would secure majority of their contracts through word-of-mouth and/or recommendations and other methods such as cold calls, billboards, social media posts, craigslist, etc. These orthodox methods are inadequate, and does not take time constraints into consideration.

Among several other challenges, service providers had no stable frequency of work or reliable source of income, as large intervals would be required to secure and finalize verbal contracts while requests for help with handy jobs and tasks were not acknowledged, performed or completed timeously.

HandyConnect is set out to enable service providers, job requisitions, project managers and small business owners to overcome these limitations with our newly unified application that enables job owners to seamlessly source multiple service providers in real-time based on geo-location.

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