Paint My Room


Paint My Room

My room needs painting in preparation for summer. The room is about 12 feet by 20 feet with height of 10 feet. Experienced painter will be required as a number of designs will be included and mixing of paints will be needed.

Dog walker

Walk My Dog

Services of a dog walker is required in walking my dogs for one hour today. There four dogs in all and they are quite friendly and fun to be with. Experience in managing dogs will be required

Cleaning service

Clean My Appartment

Moving into a new house and will require cleaning services. Service provider should be able to wash, mop and dry up the floor, clean windows and furniture. There are 7 rooms in total including living room, kitchen, bedrooms and den

House movers

Movers Required

The services of energetic service providers is required to move personal and household belongings to a new location down my street. Interested providers should be able to dismantle furniture and install them. Some household luggage may be up to 38 pounds in weight and

Dress ironing

Iron My Dresses

About 50 dresses are to be ironed. All dresses have been washed and dried properly and they include that of men, ladies and toddlers. Interested service provider must be able to use steam iron. Ironing will be done at my basement which is well

Delivery man

Deliver Parcel to locations in Halifax

This request for any service provider interested in delivering packages to various locations within Halifax, NS. Interested service provider should be able to use the buses or have own mode of transportation which could be a car or bicycle

Handyconnect Cheff

Cook For A Party of Ten

I hereby require the service of a cook to help in making dishes of continental and local dishes for a party of ten adults. Some children might be present and there may be a need to cater for them also. Interested service provider to

Handyconnect Handyman

Fix Broken Door

A carpenter is required for repair of a broken door. Door lock change will also be required and interested service provider to please come along with tools as I do not have any

plumber required

I Need A Plumber

Urgent water leakage in my kitchen require urgent attention from any available plumber. Interested service provider should have experience with hot water pipes. I am available for immediate repairs

Handyconnect car maintenance

Oil Change of My Car

My 2021 Dodge journey requires oil change and all materials required are available. Experienced mechanic with available window on Sunday mornings to please apply