Our Partners

Are you looking for a steady stream of casual jobs and have skills to complete house chores, yard work, and garage projects, or able to install, repair, fix, build, and set up household equipment?

Handyconnect is the only technology company in Atlantic Canada building a community of diligent service providers and connecting them with a consistent stream of casual jobs.

Our list of casual jobs is not limited to Cooking, Ironing, Cleaning, House chores, Tree cutting, Yard work, Gardening, Lawn mowing, Snow Clearing, Car detailing, Hairstyling, Deejaying, Carpentry, Plumbing, Painting, Remodeling, and Messenger services.

As a partner, enjoy benefits such as:

  1. Referral Program.
  2. Marketing Platform.
  3. Training opportunities.
  4. Unlimited job requisitions.
  5. Transparent service charge.
  6. Access to collaborative tools.
  7. Business development resources.
  8. Payment increases with Value Charge.
  9. Online transaction-based agreements.
  10. 100% guaranteed payment on job completion.

How it works in 6 easy steps

  1. Sign up for free as a partner with a Service Provider role.
  2. Browse the listed jobs on our web app and place a bid.
  3. Respond to job notifications based on your registered skills, capabilities, and geolocation.
  4. Lookout for offer notifications, connect with the job owner and accept the offer.
  5. Complete the job as stated in the online agreement and close out the job.
  6. Receive payment in your bank account and drop a review.


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