1. Payment of total fee for the service is required from the job owner after a job is awarded and prior to the commencement of work.
  2. Job owner may award a job bid to another bidder at his discretion if the Service Provider is unable to respond within 72 hours.
  3. Job awards rejected by Service Providers can be awarded to another Service Provider immediately.
  4. Jobs completed and closed out by Service Provider must be confirmed by Job owner within 72 hours. Where a job owner does not confirm the completion of a job within 72 hours and does not give any reason for failure to do so, a Service Provider can raise a dispute through the “Report Issue” link to get paid.
  5.  Unless otherwise agreed with the job owner, Service providers are expected to provide all materials, tools, and equipment for the completion of work as stated in the bid and agreed with the job owner prior to the job award.
  6. Service Providers are solely responsible for compliance with all health and safety obligations and requirements for each job.
  7. Service providers will be paid in full through the Handyconnect payment and job closeout process when a Job has been completed and “Definition of done” is met.
  8. All communications must be through and within Handyconnect chat system for users to be eligible for Handyconnect User Protection.
  9. Prior to a job award, users are not allowed to share contact information including email address, personal details, business details, location details, social media details, websites, links, URLs or any means of identification.
  10. The Job owner is allowed to make an upward review of the scope of work and the contract value after the job has been awarded, provided both the Job owner and Service provider are able to reach an agreement through the Handyconnect chat and contract variation process.
  11. Either of the parties may elect to cancel the contract by mutual agreement through the Handyconnect chat and contract cancellation process. Save for the occurrence of a Force Majeure Event, cancellations can only be made no later than 72 hours prior to the date of commencement of the job (Cancellation Period). Any cancellations made after the Cancellation Period will be subject to a cancellation fee charge as stipulated in the Terms and Conditions of Use. For further details on cancellation, please read the Terms and Conditions of Use.
  12. Disputes are to be reported through the “Report issue” link and Handyconnect Dispute Resolution Process will be strictly followed.
  13. This Rules and Guidelines of Engagement on Jobs and the Terms and Conditions of Use shall govern all relations with respect to the provision of the Service.
  14. Service Providers are solely responsible to charge, collect, file, report and remit the necessary sales tax, interest or returns with the relevant tax authorities on all revenues from jobs.
  15. A service charge will be deducted from Service Providers’ earning on each completed job for the purpose of advertisements, training and technical support. Service charge ranges from 5% to 15% depending on amount of job and optional Value Subscription.

Last Updated: September 20, 2022