Why become a handyconnect partner

Our partners with the Service Providers role on Handyconnect are our strategic partners through whom we deliver value to all other users who post jobs on Handyconnect. There are a number of benefits to becoming a partner on Handyconnect


Our partners have access to training programs to enable them achieve the level of competence required to deliver quality service on Handyconnect. Our training programs are free of charge and are focused on skill acquisition, personal effectiveness and leadership. We also provide support for certifications and background checks.

Referral Program

When you sign up on Handyconnect with service provider role, ensure to include the Username of whoever referred you and remember to provide your Username to others when you refer them to sign up.

When you refer others, you will benefit from Referral Eligible payment when whoever you referred is able to complete their first job successfully on Handyconnect. The more service providers you refer, the more you receive Referral Eligible payments.

Value Charge

As partners who provide services through Handyconnect, you can increasing your earnings with an optional annual $99 Value Charge thereby reducing your service charge with as much as 10% of the gross value of your proposal.

With a Value Charge subscription, all bids below $3000 attracts 5% reduction in service charge and bids above $3000 attracts 10% in service charge reduction.

Guaranteed Payment

Our user protection program is to ensure every user gets a value on Handyconnect and that includes our partners. You have 100% payment assurance on successful job completion.

Sign up for free

No payments are required to sign up for all user categories

Marketing Strategy

We ensure a continuous flow of jobs to our partners through a substantial investment in the implementation of our robust marketing strategy which focus on sharing information about our partners’ products and services. Our strategy makes use of multiple targeting advertising platforms such as print, broadcast and digital media. Advertisings are not limited to Public service, Product placement, Guerrilla, Outdoor, Display, Native, Paid search, Social media, Mobile, Podcast, Radio, Television, and Direct mail.