Exclusive Benefits from Handyconnect

Getting chores and casual jobs done has never been easier. When you post jobs on Handyconnect, our community of diligent Service Providers will be available to get them done. There are a number of benefits to posting a job on Handyconnect.

Referral Program

When you sign up with Job Owner role on Handyconnect, you can also refer a Service Provider and get them to sign up. Ensure your Username is provided to the Service Provider for registration. You will benefit from Referral Eligible payment when whoever you referred is able to complete the first job successfully on Handyconnect. The more Service Providers you refer, the more you receive Referral Eligible payments.

Verified Users

When a user is verified, bright green Verified sign is placed on their profile and each of the submitted credentials. Lookout for verified sign on profiles each time you hire a Service Provider.

Contactless Payment

Handyconnect partnered with Moneris to provide an easy and secured online payment solution for all transactions. Ensure all payments are made on Handyconnect.

Easy Cost Comparison

Our online bidding system will enable you to receive several proposals for a job you posted. Furthermore, you will be able to connect with Service Providers through our user interactive messaging system.

Unlimited Job Requisitions

Post unlimited number of jobs on Handyconnect and be rest assured that our community of diligent Service Providers will get them done. It is absolutely free to post your chores and casual jobs.

User Protection Program

Our user protection program is to ensure every user gets a value on Handyconnect and that includes you. Service Providers only get paid when the “Definition of Done” which you specified during job posting is met. Otherwise, you have the assurance that your payment will be refunded.

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