Privacy Policy

Handyconnect Privacy and Consent

Privacy and consent

The information provided is used for the purpose of registration prior to using the Handyconnect system and all services provided by Handyconnect. The email address is used to verify your registration, confirm appointment details and provide notification of any changes to the appointment.

Personal information you provide is collected, used and disclosed under the authority of the Nova Scotia Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. It will also be retained under the terms outlined in the Canadian Privacy Law for retention of personal information.

We collect and use your username, password and answers to recovery questions only to issue and manage your account, which we validate when you log in.

We collect and use your name to identify you. We collect and use your email address to activate and confirm your account, and to allow you to recover your username. This personal information will be disclosed to Handyconnect online services that are legally authorized to collect it, whenever you use your account to access these online services.

To find out more about the information practices associated with your account, visit our terms of use.

Consent to receive emails and Text Messages

By using Handyconnect, you agree to receive emails and text messages about your account activities. Make sure to check your junk mail.

Last updated 25th March 2022