Amazing Casual and Handy Job Board Overview

HandyConnect  efficiently, reliably and repeat-ably connects job owners to service providers in real-time thereby enabling mostly humble-beginner service providers to secure contracts. It also provides platform for millions who need assistance or resources in getting handy jobs done.    

HandyConnect is set out to enable service providers, job owners, project managers and small business owners to overcome traditional limitations of finding resources and jobs. Handyconnect is unified mobile (iOS and Android) application that enables job owners to seamlessly source multiple service providers in real-time based on geo-location. Furthermore, it features rating & certification modules as well as a mechanism to track & monitor service history via our carefully designed algorithm. 

Handyconnect provides a credible platform that will facilitate a safe working environment and general safety of service providers and job owners. Furthermore, the system provides a collaborative environment for all stakeholders especially service providers at various skill levels and also saves job owners the rigours of recruiting and managing employees.  

HandyConnect provides handy job service providers with assurance of short-term jobs on the platform at any time with verified short-term employers. Thereby enabling service providers to enjoy the freedom of deciding when, what and how long they want to work and who they want to work for. Most importantly, service providers can manage work-life balance since they are not saddled with long term employment contracts.