Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

There are chances that there is an answer to your question already in our list of frequently asked questions below. In the unlikely event that your question is not included here or the answer did not address your concern, please Contact Us.

What happens if a service provider is injured at work?

Our workplace compensation program is available for all service providers to ensure sufficient coverage when the unexpected happens. This coverage is not compulsory but we encourage all service providers to sign up for it to take advantage of the group insurance coverage. Service providers

How can I report issues?

Our issues and disputes resolution process is set up to address concerns from our numerous users. You can simply reach us through the contact us form for general issues or in case of technical challenges send email to  Registered users can report issues

What is the process for dispute resolution?

Issues reported to the Dispute Resolution team through your workspace are promptly addressed and thoroughly investigated. Attempts will be made by the team to mediate between the users concerned. Where all attempts to mediate fails, the decisions of the team will be final. Find

Is it okay to share my account with someone else?

Accounts are personal and users are not to share accounts with anyone. A user will be responsible for activities carried out within own workspace on Handyconnect.

Can I apply for multiple jobs?

Service providers can bid and win as many jobs as they have capacity to deliver. However, your performance on all jobs will be rated and will be available for other users for future reference. Service providers are encouraged to take up jobs they are

How do I know how much to pay for jobs on this platform?

Typically you don’t want to go lower than minimum wage as directed by the government in your country but it is open for negotiation between job owner and service provider. Future release of Handyconnect will feature functionality for calculating estimate for jobs.

How safe it is to invite service provider into our homes and offices?

Adequate checks are conducted on service providers before been registered on Handyconnect and this is a prerequisite for accepting all service providers into  Handyconnect service providers group.

How long does it take to get paid after job is completed?

Typically, payment for a completed job is done the moment both parties declared the job completed on the system and it should not extend beyond 24 hours.

How secured are my personal information on this app?

Handyconnect system was developed using several security layers to safeguard personal information and transactions which include business process, software and hardware controls. Security is our top priority at Handyconnect and our security team are proactive with continuous vulnerability checks and advanced security measures.