How long does it take to get paid after job is completed?

How long does it take to get paid after job is completed?

Handyconnect makes weekly payments on Fridays by 12 noon AST to Service Providers irrespective of when the job is completed during the week. However, only jobs completed and confirmed by Job Owner before 11am AST on Friday will qualify for payment for that period.

How secured are my personal information on this app?

Your personal information is secured in our system. Handyconnect system was developed using several security layers to safeguard personal information and transactions. Our security measures cut across business processes, software and hardware controls. All transactions are done through https secured connections and the padlock

Are there restrictions on the type of jobs I can post?

There are no restrictions provided it is does not include government banned activities such as illegal drugs, sex trade or prostitution, restricted goods and it is in accordance with the relevant local regulations and laws of the country, states or provinces.  Users are responsible

Are there professional service providers on the app?

Yes, our Service providers are professionals in various areas and professional certifications are uploaded and verified. Please check the profile of service providers for the verified certifications before job award.

How long does it take for service providers to respond to posted jobs

Posted jobs are available to millions of service providers within seconds due to the internet technology. Users are encouraged to make use of job posting hints to ensure clear and unambiguous job descriptions. Otherwise, unclear job descriptions may result in delayed response.

How many people can I hire for a job?

The Handyconnect contracts are between one service provider (person or organization)  and the one job owner. Jobs requiring multiple service providers can be broken down into sub jobs and posted separately.

How many jobs can I post at a time?

You can post unlimited amount of jobs but only one job can be posted at a time.

What do I need to sign up for jobs?

You only need to provide 2 government identification cards and 1 of them must be a photo identification card.

How do I get paid?

Handyconnect is a contactless payment system. All payments are made through Electronic Fund Transfer, hence the need for all Service providers to provide bank account details during registration.

How do I post a job?

Answer: Register as a job owner on Handyconnect to have access to the job creation platform, provide all required details about the job and post it on our global notification system.